Automated Cyber Security and Operations for IoT Devices in Casinos

Enable the dedicated teams in casinos to automatically verify their connected devices are always up and running.
Protect connected devices deployed in casinos against malicious actors exploiting vulnerabilities to jeopardize the overall security operations.

IoT devices, the operations cornerstone of modern casinos

Connected devices in casinos are massively deployed across multiple buildings (casino, hotel, restaurants, etc.) and are essential for the day-to-day operations. These devices enable casinos to remain compliant with regulation, to ensure visitors’ safety, protect assets and private data, as well as enhance customer experience. Across casinos, significant resources are invested in the operational management of connected devices. Any downtime of these devices can jeopardize the ongoing operations and generate significant loss.
Costly manual maintenance
Inherent cyber vulnerabilities
Limited standardization
Compliance liabilities

Start using a solution to gain full visibility and control over connected devices, and answer questions such as:

How can I predict and prevent operational issues affecting any of my connected devices?

SecuriThings Horizon drives predictive maintenance for IoT devices by collecting device health metrics in real-time and applying advanced analytics.
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How can I reduce my ongoing operational costs?

SecuriThings Horizon helps remotely manage both risk mitigation and ongoing maintenance of all supported devices, in an automated manner and one unified view.
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How can I ensure any of my devices is not currently targeted by a hacker or a malicious insider?

SecuriThings Horizon provides endpoint protection capabilities for each and every supported device, detecting and mitigating cyber-threats in real-time.
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Which devices can be monitored?

Physical security -
Casinos are massively deploying video surveillance devices for their daily operations against cheaters, and to comply with laws and regulations. The shift from analog to IP-based devices brings a valuable set of smart systems like facial and plate recognition. Alongside these benefits, video surveillance teams are challenged with any malfunction or cyber-threat on these devices which can jeopardize the casino’s operational and security posture.
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Building automation -
As many organizations, casinos deploy IoT devices to enhance customer experience such as connected HVAC, smart lift and escalators, sensors, smoke detectors, and more. These devices are to remain always available, and represent ideal targets to hackers exploiting their vulnerability to shut down the casino’s activities or access private data.
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How can you protect IoT devices in casinos while maximizing your security and operational efficiency?

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