IoT security news roundup February 2018

//IoT security news roundup February 2018

Hi- welcome to our 2nd edition of monthly IoT Security news roundup.

If you look at the number of items on this newsletter you can see an increase from the previous month. This is an ominous indication that IoT security issues are only going to worsen throughout 2018. We feel it is paramount to share information pertaining to IoT security with our peers in the industry, as well as the general public. Only through better awareness, we’ll be able to increase the necessary adoption of IoT security solutions, preventing such as hacks as described below.

IoT Security- Hacks, Exploits and Utter Catastrophes

February had no shortage of IoT security vulnerabilities, some which have already been exploited by hackers:

Rules and Regulations

Regulators worldwide are pushing towards greater standardization of IoT.

Crime and Punishment

Cybercriminals still view IoT devices as a cheap source of firepower (for DDoS attacks) and brainpower (for mining cryptocurrencies). It is not long before the realize additional, more nefarious uses for hacked IoT devices.

What’s Going On in the IoT security industry?

We’ve painstakingly curated a list of more than 30 upcoming events related to IoT and security.  Start your event planning now on our events list.

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