IoT security news roundup January 2018

//IoT security news roundup January 2018

Welcome to the premiere edition of our monthly IoT Security news roundup!
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IoT Security- Hacks, Exploits and Utter Catastrophes

  • A series of new IoT botnets plague connected devices – Hide ‘N Seek, The Masuta and PureMasuta (Mirai Variants): link
  • The exploit code used to trigger the CVE-2017-17215 vulnerability in Huawei routers over the past several weeks is now publicly available: link
  • Sonos and Bose glitch can allow hackers to hijack home speakers: link
  • GoAhead server vulnerable to remote code execution: link
  • UK Schools warned over hackable heating systems: link
  • The Number of IoT Botnet C&C Servers Doubled in 2017: link

Rules and Regulations

  • FTC Cracks Down on Internet-Connected Toys: link
  • NIST Invites Tech Vendors to Participate in ‘Internet of Things’ Security Effort: link
  • Taiwan moving to set up IoT information security standards: link
  • A Report to the President on Enhancing the Resilience of the Internet and Communications Ecosystem Against Botnets and Other Automated, Distributed Threats, released for public review by The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA): link
  • UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner Annual Report highlights risks to connected and IoT-enabled CCTV cameras from cyber threats: link

Crime and Punishment

  • US Charges Three Men with Creating and Running First-Ever Mirai Botnet: link
  • Cops catch hackers who breached 65% of DC’s surveillance system: link

What’s Going On in the IoT security industry?

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