Automated Cyber Security and Operations for Physical Security Devices

Protect connected physical security devices against malicious actors exploiting vulnerabilities to jeopardize the overall security operations.
Enable the physical security teams to automatically verify these devices are always up and running, and always up-to-date.

Physical security devices should improve security, not be part of the problem

Physical security devices are massively deployed across organizations to enhance security and safety. In some industries, the deployment of these devices is mandatory as part of regulatory compliance. These devices can also serve for the ongoing operations thanks to technologies such as facial and license plate recognition. In all these cases, any malfunction or cyber-attack affecting these devices can jeopardize an organization’s security, compliance and operational posture.
Costly manual maintenance
Inherent cyber vulnerabilities
Limited standardization
Compliance liabilities

Start using a solution which will provide you with full visibility and control over your devices, and answer questions such as:

How can I predict and prevent operational issues affecting any of my connected devices?

SecuriThings Horizon drives predictive maintenance for IoT devices by providing device health metrics in real-time and leveraging advanced analytics.
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How can I ensure any of my devices is not currently targeted by a hacker or a malicious insider?

SecuriThings Horizon provides endpoint protection capabilities for each and every supported device, detecting and mitigating cyber-threats in real-time.
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How can I reduce my ongoing operational costs?

SecuriThings Horizon helps remotely manage both risk mitigation and ongoing maintenance of all supported devices, in an automated manner and one unified view.
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Video surveillance –
The paradigm shift from analog to IP-based security cameras has brought a significantly higher image resolution, a broader coverage area, fewer cables needed, a wireless capability and built-in encryption. Alongside their security value, IP-enabled video surveillance devices can also be deployed as a critical asset for the day-to-day operations as well as for regulatory compliance.
Access control and Intrusion Detection –
Access control and intrusion detection systems (panels, locks, readers and sensors) are connected and provide better operations, traceability and control. These devices require a tight supervision and patch management process as any malfunction represents an ideal breach for malicious actors to reach restricted areas, assets and data.

How can you protect physical security devices while improving your operational efficiency?

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