Monthly IoT Security News Roundup, March 2018

//Monthly IoT Security News Roundup, March 2018

IoT Security is on everyone’s minds. Although no major IoT-related attacks were recorded in March, given the number of new vulnerabilities published it is safe to assume that IoT devices are faced with more threats than ever. We have carefully curated IoT Security news to highlight the threats and effort conducted to mitigate them.

Hacks, Exploits and Utter Catastrophes

It seems that more IoT Security and related vulnerabilities are being detected every day…

Laws, Regulations and Standards

Governments and Regulators worldwide are pushing towards greater standardization of IoT security.

Crime, Punishment and Espionage

Since cybercriminals are easily exploiting IoT devices, it is not surprising that Nation-state hackers follow suit and utilize these devices for nefarious purposes as well.

What’s Going On in the IoT security industry?

We’ve curated an events list of more than 30 upcoming events related to IoT and security.

What’s New at SecuriThings?

SecuriThings CEO, Roy Dagan, gave a keynote at the “Symposium on Securing the IoT” in San Francisco, in early March.

The crowd was comprised of industry experts, vendors and customers.  The symposium was situated in San Francisco, a great location to present SecuriThings and discuss IoT security challenges.
Next month we will be traveling to Las Vegas, to attend the ISC west, the largest security industry trade show in the U.S.

SecuriThings will present at the event as part of Johnson Controls innovation booth.
To schedule 1:1 meeting at the event please contact us at [email protected].

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