The security solution for cloud connected IoT services

SecuriThings utilizes behavior analytics to analyze human & machine behavior and detect threats in real-time. It relies on proven concepts of User Behavior Analytics (UBA), while adding machine/device behavior analytics and risk models tailored to the IoT world. This layer of real-time security allows IoT service providers to monitor their IoT applications 100% of the time, enact policies and mitigate attacks.

Simple Deployment

SecuriThings provides SW agents for common IoT protocols, so you can get set up without writing a single line of code. For solutions deployed on an IoT platform, we have already integrated with some of the leading platforms, so all you have to do is activate SecuriThings and you’re up and running.

Protect from the Known and Unknown

SecuriThings analyzes each event in real-time using advanced statistical models to produce a risk score for each activity, which is used for real-time mitigation. All this valuable information is then presented in the SecuriThings security dashboard, for a complete view of threats across your IoT services

Enforce Policies and Compliance

Customers can define rule-based policies on top of our behavior analytics. Rules can be based on each alert’s risk score, activity type, location and many other attributes, and can automate your decision-making process.

Integrate with Existing Security Systems

Are you already working with other security management systems? We hear you. APIs and Plugins for common SIEMs and other 3rd party security applications are provided for a quick and easy integration with existing systems in place.