SecuriThings HORIZON Use Case: Airports

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SecuriThings HORIZON Use Case: Airports 2019-07-01T09:18:52+02:00

The increased use of Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled systems in airports – such as IP-cameras, self-check-in kiosks, automated bag drop systems, and access control to secure areas and smart gates –  have improved the passenger experience and optimized operations. However, alongside these and other advantages, IoT also introduces new vulnerabilities.

Airports are part of our critical infrastructure. Cyber-attacks on physical security or access control systems, HVAC, baggage systems and more could disrupt operations and critically damage public trust. Organized crime networks targeting sensitive data or networked systems could jeopardize passenger safety and data privacy.

Download the use case for Smart Airports to learn more about:

  • The technology and business challenges airports are facing
  • How the SecuriThings HORIZON software-only solution and AI-driven algorithms uniquely address these challenges
  • Types of devices which can be monitored to detect and mitigate cyber threats