About us

SecuriThings is redefining the way organizations manage and secure IoT devices at scale. The Horizon platform provides real-time security and operational efficiency to improve system availability, organizational compliance, and cyber protection while reducing costs and streamlining future planning.

Who we are

Founded by leading security and IoT experts, SecuriThings empowers Operations & IT professionals to automate the operational management of IoT devices at scale, while also ensuring full compliance and security within their organization. 


Why we’re here

Our mission is to empower Operations & IT teams, to automate and manage IoT devices at scale in one consolidated view, while also ensuring real time security and operational efficiency within the organization. 

The first solution tailored for operational IoT teams

How we do it

Team spirit – each and every team member is crucial to our success. Together with our technology and business partners, we work hard to meet the highest standards and provide the best-of-breed to our customers.

Evangelism Approach

We are a pioneer in the IoT space and embrace evangelism in our daily operations. We look for people eager to make a change, challenge conventions, and create new things every day. Always pushing the limit.

Employee Centric

Our employees are our most valuable asset! We keep investing in their development, a fertile ground to learn and grow, and a healthy work-life balance. All this alongside plenty of welfare activities.

One for All…

We are moving forward as a team. We share everything, from knowledge to ideas, and even homemade cakes. We are one family with one goal. Everyone has a place to express themselves, even our dogs!

Meet Our Team

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