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Safeguarding Healthcare Facilities with Physical Security Devices



Streamlining costs while improving operational management and visibility will always be priorities for the healthcare sector. Organizations need to find innovative ways of protecting patients, visitors, and medical professionals without losing their focus on the end goal – health. Creating efficient, inexpensive, and reliable automated and intelligent systems has become a critical touchpoint for healthcare success and long-term growth and sustainability.

The path toward realizing your IoT physical security investment


Healthcare systems with multiple medical centers have already taken bold steps down the road towards Internet of Things (IoT) functionality, with impressive investments in physical security devices to protect people that enter their facilities, as well as medical resources inside. This is achieved by using a wide range of physical security devices, such as video surveillance cameras, access control, intercoms and more. However, without centralized or automated management of these networked devices, they cannot ensure security, operational efficiency, and reduced risk of vulnerabilities.

With no real-time visibility into the status of any given device, if a device goes offline, there is the risk that it will go unnoticed and open unexpected vulnerabilities in the security system. Conducting routine device maintenance manually to avoid the risks is expensive and time-consuming, especially since it also involves password rotations, firmware upgrades, and device restarts.

Organizations need an effective management system with tools to ensure that the devices are fully operational at all times, that there is visibility into the status of each device from a central dashboard in real time, and that operational activities can be handled quickly and automatically.


The intelligent resolution


SecuriThings Enterprise transforms the operational management of physical security devices, changing an organization’s security posture and system functionality. The solution monitors all IoT security devices throughout the organization’s ecosystem, ensuring that they stay online and operate optimally. In the event of device failure or an issue, SecuriThings automatically alerts the relevant security professionals in real time, enabling them to rapidly diagnose and resolve the problem and providing the tools they need to resolve most issues remotely. The platform completely bypasses the risk of missing a potential issue until it is too late.

SecuriThings also provides medical centers with the tools to automate routine maintenance, increasing their cybersecurity posture. SecuriThings finds security and operational risks that need immediate attention, alerting the relevant teams to remediate these vulnerabilities and helps organizations achieve measurable cost savings by reducing reliance on expensive, manual, on-site work.

SecuriThings Enterprise helps improve operational management by ensuring that physical security devices comply with internal policies. Automated routine maintenance aligns with the medical facility’s specifications, reducing the risks of human error and cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Configurable and detailed compliance reports ensure that security professionals are kept up to date with comprehensive visibility into thousands of devices at all times. SecuriThings provides a highly agile, transparent, and robust wealth of insights that transforms the healthcare system’s operations.


Smart resolution


Read this case study to learn how SecuriThings Enterprise moved the overall performance, capability, and security of one healthcare system’s IoT operational management up several smart notches. With improved system availability, significant cost savings, robust protection from cyberthreats, and trusted compliance, SecuriThings helped the healthcare system achieve its mandates and ensure ongoing security for its people and operational infrastructure.



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