Automated Operations for IoT Devices

Protect your IoT devices and optimize operational efficiency by enabling the dedicated teams to automate the operational management of IoT devices. 

Managing IoT Devices at Scale Has Become a Liability

Managing large-scale deployments of IoT devices represents multiple challenges for organizations. From a cyber security perspective, any device become an easy entry point to the network, data and assets. Therefore, cyber threats are to be detected and mitigated at the device level. In parallel, the operational teams are mostly performing multiple maintenance tasks manually. Both aspects can result in operational and business discontinuity and compliance issues.

Start automating the operations of your connected devices to manage IoT at scale.

How can SecuriThings Horizon automation capabilities help reduce operational costs?

SecuriThings Horizon automates several operational tasks which are currently performed manually, resulting in timely and costly maintenance. The solution helps operators remotely manage their IoT deployments at scale. In addition, Horizon shortens device lifecycle by automatically updating firmware versions ad-hoc.

How can SecuriThings Horizon automation capabilities help ensure compliance?

SecuriThings Horizon automates the most critical tasks such as password rotation and firmware upgrade, which are currently performed manually by operators – if at all. By doing so, the solution help apply organizational policies and improve the overall compliance status.

How can SecuriThings Horizon automation capabilities help reduce downtime?

SecuriThings Horizon helps ensuring an operational continuity by automatically updating firmware upgrade and restarting devices. These tasks are currently performed manually, representing a significant challenge for organizations managing their IoT operations at scale.

What automation capabilities does SecuriThings Horizon provide?

Automated operations are an integral part of Horizon IoTOps solution.
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