Risk Detection for IoT Devices

Endpoint protection for IoT devices against malicious actors exploiting their vulnerability to jeopardize the overall security posture. 

IoT Security is About Protecting the Edge

IoT deployments within organizations increase security posture and operational efficiency. Alongside undeniable benefits, IoT devices bring new cyber security challenges. In fact, their vulnerability and physical access turn each unit into a potential entry point to the corporate network. In addition, IoT devices are being deployed in the field without going through cyber security experts’ hands, leading to misconfiguration and compliance issues.

Start protecting your IoT devices by gaining full visibility and control over the edge.

How does SecuriThings Horizon differ from network-based IoT Security solutions?

Network-based solutions allows the discovery of IoT devices and some detection capabilities. In cases where IoT devices represent critical assets, the mitigation of cyber threats on a network level, shutting all the devices down at once, can be risky. SecuriThings Horizon’s endpoint capabilities isolate each device and mitigate the threat without jeopardizing the whole posture.

How does SecuriThings Horizon detect and mitigate cyber-threats?

SecuriThings Horizon detects and mitigates IoT-specific cyber-attacks by monitoring the cyber security posture of each device. Horizon deploys agents or agentless modules to pull data from each edge device and leverages advanced analytical capabilities to detect abnormal behaviors. Organizational policies are then applied to mitigate threats in real-time.

What type of threats does SecuriThings Horizon detect?

SecuriThings Horizon detects the most common and known IoT-specific cyber-threats such as:

  • Brute force attack (successful / attempt)
  • Port scan attack
  • Backdoor activity / passive backdoor
  • Identification of suspicious process
  • And more

What cyber security capabilities does SecuriThings Horizon provide?

Risk detection is an integral part of Horizon IoTOps solution.
Discover its other capabilities: