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Collaborating across
the IoT Eco System

SecuriThings is proud to collaborate with leading IoT vendors, platforms and integrators worldwide. Together we are building an ecosystem in which the reliability of communication, availability of devices, quality of service and security are prioritized

System Integrators

As cities, buildings and industries are becoming extremely connected, System Integrators are playing a key role in making these solutions cyber secure. SecuriThings enables System Integrators to provide holistic solutions to their customers with a simple deployment while generating additional business.

IoT Service Providers

Remotely managing large quantities of connected devices requires IoT Service Providers to deliver undisrupted and cyber resilient services in a cost-effective manner. SecuriThings enables Service Provides to secure devices and their users, while also protecting themselves from the growing threat landscape.

Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs)

MSSPs have traditionally focused on the IT space, helping their customers secure their networks and computer infrastructure. As the IoT space is rapidly growing, introducing new challenges to enterprises, MSSPs can get up to speed immediately by partnering with SecuriThings for expertise, services and software.