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Healthcare Institutions Face Unprecedented Physical and Cybersecurity Threats. How Can They Overcome Them?

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions understand the danger of violence against medical professionals. Alongside that physical security concern, those institutions also face serious cybersecurity risks, especially given their sensitive information on patients and the threat of ransomware attacks. 

That makes it particularly important for medical centers to ensure that their physical security devices are monitored and maintained consistently. When they do not manage those devices adequately, they can be left exposed to both physical dangers (due to device downtime) and cyber threats (due to the risk of hackers compromising physical security devices). 

Check out this resource to discover

How widespread is the problem of inadequately managed physical security devices?
How risky is this situation for healthcare institutions?
How can SecuriThings help them improve both their physical security and their cybersecurity by managing their physical security devices reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively?

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