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Tech Case Study

Physical security IoT devices are used to ensure the well-being of employees and to make sure intellectual property – in the form of data, prototypes, and other assets – stays confidential and secure. Locations are monitored by IoT devices – such as cameras, access panels, and intercoms – designed to prevent unauthorized entry to sensitive locations.

Tech companies know how to keep their IT assets operating securely but found applying the same principles to their IoT devices relied on time-consuming and expensive manual effort. The increasing use of connected devices directly increases the time required to keep them available, compliant and working as they should.

The tech organization searched for an IT solution to operationally manage their IoT devices – and deployed our SecuriThings Enterprise solution.

Download the case study to learn more about:

The current challenges faced keeping IoT devices compliant in a tech organization
How SecuriThings Enterprise provided a solution to these challenges
The cost benefits of automating the operational management of IoT devices

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