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Case Study for Calgary Drop-In Centre

Physical security IoT devices are used to ensure the safety of the highly vulnerable population at the largest shelter in North America, where emergency housing and support services are provided.

The Calgary Drop-In Centre’s locations are monitored by hundreds of IoT devices – such as cameras, access panels, and intercoms – designed to prevent unauthorized entry and keep their staff, clients, volunteers, and community members as safe as possible.

To ensure their fleet of devices stayed online and operational, the Calgary Drop-In Centre’s IT team were carrying out time-consuming and manual maintenance operations. As their system integrator, Convergint knew the deployment of the SecuriThings would provide the shelter with the visibility and control over their devices that they needed to overcome their challenges.

Download the case study to learn more about:

The challenges Calgary Drop-In Center faced keeping IoT devices compliant efficiently
How SecuriThings provided a solution to their manpower challenges
The security benefits of automating the operational management of IoT devices

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