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For the Logistics Industry, Managing Physical Security Devices Is About More than Physical Security

To provide the service that customers expect, logistics companies need to maintain a high level of security. Given the value of the products they transport and the customer information they handle, these companies know they need to have robust fleets of physical security devices that they can count on.

But purchasing and installing those devices is only the beginning. Once physical security devices are set up, they need to be managed reliably – both in order to minimize their downtime and in order to keep hackers out. When logistics companies do not manage their physical security devices adequately (a common situation), they risk falling victim to both physical and cyber dangers.

Check out this resource to discover

How widespread are major physical and cyber risk factors surrounding physical security devices?
How serious and expensive are the dangers against which physical security devices are supposed to protect logistics companies?
How can SecuriThings help logistics companies defend themselves from both physical and cyber dangers – reliably, efficiently, and cost-effectively?

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