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SecuriThings Announces Partnership With Allied Universal

Joint customers will be able to automate the management and maintenance of all their physical security devices, from a single pane of glass.

SecuriThings has announced a partnership with Allied Universal, a leading security and facility services company. Using the SecuriThings solution, Allied Universal customers can improve system availability, organizational compliance and cyber protection, while reducing costs and streamlining future planning.

How Allied Universal Customers Will Benefit

The SecuriThings Enterprise Solution enables physical security teams to gain full visibility into their physical security devices and management systems, as well as related network assets – throughout the entire device lifecycle. Customers can also automate key management and maintenance tasks, including firmware upgrades, password rotations, certificate management, remote device restarts, end-of-life planning and more. All of these functions are performed from a single pane of glass.

SecuriThings also enables enterprise collaboration via Smart Alerts and root cause analysis to detect, diagnose and resolve operational issues rapidly and efficiently – as well as via customizable, shareable reports and integrations with IT ticketing systems.

Among other benefits, SecuriThings enables physical security teams to reduce asset downtime and costly truck rolls, protect their devices from cyber threats, and achieve full visibility and compliance with IT policies and standards.

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