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The Guide to Automating Physical Security Device Management

Physical security teams often work with large, diverse fleets of devices and management systems – particularly within enterprise organizations. Typical device fleets include various models, produced by different manufacturers and running numerous firmware versions.

It is critically important to manage these devices, but the sheer scale and complexity of the task makes it prohibitively time-consuming and expensive to be conducted manually. This leaves organizations at risk of device downtime, cybersecurity vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

To make these tasks more scalable, physical security teams are increasingly turning to automation. Yet all too often, teams still find themselves contending with the same unscalable, manual work they sought to avoid with those very tools.

Why does this happen? And what does it take for physical security teams to successfully automate their device management and maintenance?

Download The Guide to Discover:

How to quantify the benefits of automation for physical security device management
The limitations and risks of partial automation
The 3 crucial questions to ask before implementing an automated technology

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