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Latest Trends in Managing Physical Security

As the usage of physical security devices has grown in recent years, the ecosystems in which these devices operate have become more complex. Not only have the sizes of fleets of physical security devices increased, but it is common for them to include a variety of device types.

And for each kind of device, it is common for organizations to have numerous models, which were produced by different manufacturers and run different firmware, often managed in silos including different management systems. Considering that the performance and security of each device is affected by many external factors, it makes sense that managing these devices has become an increasingly difficult task.

How significant are the problems facing organizations that have not yet begun to automate their approach to managing physical security devices? We have gathered key data to answer that question from several large organizations.

This Report Will

Provide an inside look at our key findings.
Explore the complex challenge of managing entire fleets of physical security devices.
Assess the scope of the problems facing organizations that manage their physical security devices manually.

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