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Four Things We Learned at Convergint InSight Digital Summit 2020

Our SecuriThings representatives  had the privilege of exhibiting at Convergint InSight Digital Summit 2020, Convergint’s private event for end-customers and partners. Convergint is the leading physical security-focused system integrator across the globe. SecuriThings established a partnership with Convergint earlier on in 2020 in order to simplify customers’ operations and secure their devices.

With the cancellation of physical events this year, the Insight Digital Security Summit represented a unique opportunity to meet a large community of physical security managers.

True to its name, this event gave our team the opportunity to talk to and gain valuable insight from dozens of end-customers in one-on-one meetings.

Insights from InSight 2020

We’d like to share four key takeaways from our private meetings at the event.

1. Organizations are reducing their on-site presence

Now, more than ever, physical security managers are looking for tools to perform tasks remotely. Whether trying to manage multiple sites or simply working from home, remote maintenance capabilities are crucial for improving device availability and operational efficiency.

A good example is the ability to resolve a wide range of operational issues with a device restart. Performing this task remotely can significantly shorten time to resolution and free up operational teams to focus on other important tasks.

2. Device uptime is more critical than ever

Due to limited onsite presence, organizations are facing increased cyber security exposure and operational issues. Device availability affects both the organization’s operations and security posture. Therefore, operational teams are seeking tools to remotely monitor device availability – sometimes across multiple sites.

3. There is more IT scrutiny than ever

2020 will certainly be remembered as the year of “Cyber Pandemic”. It’s no secret that IoT devices are often deployed with default passwords and vulnerable firmware versions, and IT teams are becoming more involved to prevent cyber-threats and data breaches. Accordingly, operational teams are looking for tools to overcome the lack of visibility into connected devices as well as the absence of well-defined IoT compliance standardization.

From an operational perspective, IoT devices are prone to failures, which lead to unavailable devices, disconnections and data loss that could seriously disrupt daily activities. Visibility into device status is crucial for addressing maintenance issues in a timely manner.

4. It’s becoming a game of operational efficiency and cost savings

In today’s business climate, customers seek ways to become more efficient and reduce operational costs. The time, expense and resources required to maintain and upgrade devices manually are excessive for IoT teams with limited personnel. Automation of maintenance tasks is the key to driving substantial cost savings – and this need is accentuated at scale.

Digital Insight 2020 Summary

Throughout 2020, we listened to the market and our customers and enriched SecuriThings Enterprise with automation and remote operations capabilities to address the challenges raised at this Convergint Insight Digital Summit. Contact us to learn more.

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